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The Voigtländer Color-Heliar 2.5/75

Voigtländer 2.5/75 The Voigtländer Color-Heliar 75 mm / F 2.5 SL is one of Cosina's Selection (SL) series of high-quality manual focus SLR lenses. These are available for a number of mounts: Canon FD, Contax, Pentax, Nikon, Minolta MD, and Olympus OM.

I like this lens, even though it is rather slow for its focal length. Apart from moderate color fringing toward the edges, I have not found optical problems with it. And the bokeh seems quite good, too.

Bokeh test images: only this lens, 75-80mm lenses, comparison of 75mm - 90mm lenses.

Positive things:

Weak points (nothing important, just nitpicking):

The Voigtländer 2.5/75 mounted on an old Nikon F Closeup of Voigtlander 2.5/75 aperture blades

For more information about the Voigtländer lenses, see:

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