D&D Miniatures Uniques Gallery

Unfortunately, not every personality could be persuaded to being portrayed.

Alusair Obarskyr

Aramil, Adventurer

Artemis Entreri

Count Strahd Von Zarovich

Devis, Half-Elf Bard

Drizzt, Drow Ranger

Eberk, Adventurer

Elminster of Shadowdale

Ember, Human Monk


Ialdabode, Human Psion

Jozan, Cleric of Pelor

Kerwyn, Human Rogue

King Obould Many-Arrows

King Snurre

Krusk, Half-Orc Barbarian

Lareth the Beautiful

Lidda, Adventurer

Lidda, Halfling Rogue

Lord Soth

Meepo, Dragonlord

Mialee, Elf Wizard

Mina Dark Cleric

Mordenkainen the Mage

Nebbin, Gnome Illusionist

Ragnara, Psychic Warrior

Rask, Half-Orc Fighter

Regdar, Adventurer

Regdar, Human Fighter

Rikka, Angelic Avenger

Ryld Argith

Shuluth, Archvillain

Snig the Axe

Snig, Worgrider

Storm Silverhand

Tordek, Dwarf Champion

Tordek, Dwarf Fighter

Ulmo Lightbringer

Urthok the Vicious

Vadania, Half-Elf Druid

Van Richten

Vlaakith the Lich Queen


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