Map Explorer Version History

Version (= Date) Changes
20070102 New property mapexplorer.images to set the name of file containing the map images.
20061205-1 Bugfix: NullPointerException on startup when mapexplorer.usemapimage was set to true in mapexplorer.properties.
20061205 Support for map images and Vassal coordinates.
20060822 New terrain types: death_zone, steep_slope, waterfall.
Added maps: DragonDown Grotto, Dragon Graveyard, and Forest Cliff Lair.
Forest LoS corrected.
Some LoS computation speedups.
20060425 Added preliminary support forest terrain. The LoS rules are probably not quite correct.
Added the maps from Fantastic Locations: Fields of Ruin.
20060316 Fixed some errors in Mushroom Cavern, Dragon Shrine, and Field of Ruin maps (thanks to HidesFromHurricanes).
Fixed the Windows batch file to cope with spaces in directory names.
20060315 Added maps: Field of Ruin (thanks to Carlson) and Teleport Temple (thanks to HidesFromHurricanes).
Minor change in map rendering so the player marks are not hidden by terrain features.
20060314 Mark player-specific areas (start, victory, exit) with A/B. Shared areas get no mark.
Blend colors of shared start or victory areas.
Added Dragon Shrine map (thanks to Carlson).
Bugfix: the windows batch file did not work on Windows 9x, ME.
20060310 Fixed fog/smoke: always LoS to adjacent squares.
Added elemental walls (context menu).
Added teleporter map feature.
Added Broken Demongate map (thanks to HidesFromHurricanes).
Known bugs: sometimes the map coordinates are not drawn after opening a map.
20060105 Enable changing map colors by editing mapexplorer.properties.
Some small map rendering changes.
Use installation home as file chooser starting directory.
Tomb of Queen Peregrine: fixed some wrong/missing walls.
20051229 LOS computation speedup (about 5 times faster).
20051224 Source code released.
Can now use multiple processors for LOS computation.
Mushroom Cavern: removed a few border walls that are not present on the official map.
20051212 Allow LOS from statues, pit or lava squares (for example, Archmage can quick-cast a spell from there).
Map fixes:
- Drow Enclave: corrected the size of the summoning circle, which was much too large
- Mithral Mines: Start area B was missing some squares.
- Magma Keep: added missing wall between G8 and H8
New map: Dragon's Hoard from Dragon 322 (Thanks to Carlson!)
20051209 Added support for different creature sizes.
Added preliminary support for Smoke.
Added map: Hellspike.
20051205 Added Summoning Circle terrain feature.
Added maps: Drow Enclave, The Lost Temple (Thanks to Jay Elmore!)
20051202 Added maps: Magma Keep, Mushroom Cavern (Thanks to John Evans!), Tomb of Queen Peregrine.
Bugfix: File open dialog will now remember the last directory.
20051201 UI changes:
- added buttons to load map and clear LOS
- added progress bar for LOS computation
20051130 First release.